Welcome To Pot Shot 21!

Pot Shot 21 Rules

  • Pot Shot 21 offers additional side bets that are settled from the dealers up card and the players first (2) cards.
  • The player makes these optional wagers at the same time as making their Blackjack wagers and before any cards are dealt.
  • The Player may make (1) or more of the side bets simultaneously. Each bet is independent from the other side bets. For example and using the pay table below, if the player would bet $1.00 on the Pot Shot Any Pair and $1.00 on the Flush Plus, if the player gets a pair, the Pot Shot Any Pair wager would win $3.00 and the Flush Plus wager would lose.
  • The Player making the Blackjack wager is the only one allowed to make these side bets.
  • The side bets are settled before the blackjack hand is played.
  • If the side bet qualifies for a payoff, the dealer will pay the wager according the posted pay table before the player acts on their Blackjack hand. The Dealer will pay the player and return the original wager to the player at the same time.
  • If the side bets lose, the bets will be collect immediately before the Blackjack play begins.

Note, there can be times when more than one side bet wins on the same hand. For example, if the player plays $1.00 on Pot Shot Any Pair and $1.00 on the Flush Plus. If the player hand results in 3h,3h, 7h, That would be a winner on Any Pair and pays 3 to 1, it would also be a winner on the flush and would pay 9 to 1.